Crosshall Infant School Academy Trust



01480 475980


01480 404792


Crosshall Infant Academy Trust, Great North Road, Eaton Ford, PE19 7GG


Primary School

Age range:

4 - 7

Location map

Please visit My Cambridgeshire to find your catchment area school(s). To find out how to apply to the institution visit the Primary education pages.


30 hours entitlement - further information

Limited number of extended entitlement places (78)
Specific hours in the day only
Some additional facilities or services are chargeable

Contact the provider for more information.

Free childcare places

Available for 3 and 4 year olds (extended entitlement).

Linked schools

Linked schools that pupils go to:

Services by the same provider

Crosshall Infant School Nursery

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26 Jul 2017 10:27
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