Children's Occupational Therapy

Provider: Cambridgeshire Community Services (CCS)

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Occupational Therapy assesses and treats children individually and in groups, to help them take part in day to day activities as fully as they can. An Occupational Therapist can help with:

  • motor skills

  • fine motor skills, including handwriting

  • visual perceptual skills

  • sensory skills and sensory processing

  • independent self-care, for example dressing

  • washing

  • mealtimes

  • advice on adapted/specialist toys and play

  • consultation and advice on minor modifications and building adaptations at home and school

Assessment and advice for specialist equipment may also be provided e.g. specialist seating, bathing and toileting equipment or smaller items such as cutlery. All children receive an assessment of their needs. For some this includes a formal assessment, for others discussion with adults around the child and observation is sufficient to identify their needs.

The service works to a target of children being seen within 18 weeks.


Children and young people aged 0 - 16, or up to 19 for those who go to special school, who are registered with a Cambridgeshire GP. Children and young people who live in Whittlesey, Yaxley and Peterborough will be referred to the Children’s Occupational Therapy Service for their area. Advice about housing adaptations is available to all families who live in Cambridgeshire.


The majority of referrals are from medical staff although some referrals are received from school staff, other health professionals, social care staff and occasionally parents.

For detailed information on making a referral, please see the Guide for Referrers

Download the referral form.

Opening days / times
Monday 9AM - 5PM
Tuesday 9AM - 5PM
Wednesday 9AM - 5PM
Thursday 9AM - 5PM
Friday 9AM - 5PM

Opening times

All Year


Clinics are all accessible for patients with disabilities.

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